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At, I want to be upfront about what I do and why I do it. In this case, it’s important to disclose that you will find ads on this website, especially Google AdSense ads (you can see them in the sidebar as a box and a strip of links near either the top or bottom of the page). They usually say “Ads by Google”. The social sharing plugin I use also has affiliate links at the bottom of the posts. There may also be products I sell here in the future like eBooks, as well as links to Amazon items I recommend that, when clicked/purchased, will give me a small profit at no expense to you. The purpose of doing things like this is to help me pay for the cost of the website and to allow me the time necessary to research home remedies to publish on this website. I believe that this website can be a valuable resource to you and I would like to continue bringing you information on home remedies. Your support in the form of comments, regular readership, and sharing links to my blog with your friends and family is greatly appreciated.

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