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I just wanted to take a sec to say THANK YOU for visiting www.HomeRemediesThatReallyWork.com. While this blog is just for educational/entertainment purposes and NOT meant to be taken as medical advice, I do hope you can find some information on remedies that may help you feel better!

Why Use Home Remedies?

With the rising cost of medical care, even with new programs like the Affordable Care Act, there is a growing desire to treat more minor health problems ourselves at home. There is also a push for more natural remedies that you can make yourself with organic, inexpensive ingredients; this is a very D.I.Y. time among young families, almost like a return to our grandparents’ roots when illnesses and minor injuries were treated at home from the family medicine chest. But are there really home remedies that work? Most people are skeptical, rightly so considering there are many less-than-reputable people out there looking to sell snake oil. But there ARE some tried and true remedies you can make yourself at home to treat minor health problems like headaches, upset stomach, acne, stress, allergies, and more.

Home Remedies That Work? Really?

Which home remedies are right for me?

Which home remedies are right for me?

I became interested in home remedies after spending several years battling terrible stomach problems. I would have intestinal trouble every. single. day. Ugh. It was extremely uncomfortable and turned me into a socially anxious mess. I bought and tried every single stomach-related product I could find in the drug store but nothing helped. It also cost me a fortune considering I was a full-time college student who had just started at a new job. On a whim I decided to search online for my symptoms, and I found that many people with similar problems were turning to food choices and herbal remedies to treat their stomach trouble. Feeling desperate, I gave it a try – a combination of peppermint oil and ginger root as needed, as well as regular helpings of yogurt – and the difference was AMAZING. I felt like a new person! I’ve since discovered that a few changes in diet – cutting back on gluten and sugars, avoiding certain processed foods – also help tremendously.

I was originally skeptical because I always classified home remedies as “hippy nonsense”. How can peppermint help with an upset stomach when a professional-looking box of medicine from the pharmacy couldn’t? But it worked for me! I started doing some research and found that a lot of common food items, herbs, and spices create similar chemical reactions in the human body as a lot of popular over-the-counter medications. Most of the world still relies on traditional home remedies to treat minor health concerns. Even our grandparents and great-grandparents in the US relied heavily on home remedies not too long ago. Western reliance on mass-produced pharmaceuticals is actually a more recent trend in comparison. Am I a skeptic turned believer? Heck no! Question everything, always keep learning! But there are definitely a lot of home remedies I’ve found to help me when I get an itchy bug bite, a bad flu, a stubborn cough, insomnia, and more.

I’m never going to say “skip chemo for cancer and chew this root instead!” but I will say that if you give some of these home remedies a try, you may find yourself reaching for the peppermint oil instead of the pink pepto box next time you feel sick to your stomach.


How Can Home Remedies Help Me?

It’s amazing what home remedies can really accomplish. I’ve seen people with stubborn warts get cured with plain old apple cider vinegar. I even know someone who was practically home bound due to crippling joint pain that was cured by simple changes in diet. Maybe you have ingrown toenails, or bad breath, or headaches, or dry patches of skin, or any number of little concerns that bother you. There is a home remedy for just about every illness or injury out there. I’m not going to guarantee results because I’m not selling you anything, I’m not a doctor, and much of it depends on properly following directions. Some might work for you, some might not. It’s just about seeing which ones work for you. I do try to put effort into researching the remedies but I always recommend checking with your doctor, doing your own research, and using common sense when trying a home remedy.

What Are The Benefits of Home Remedies?

Home remedies are convenient. They frequently use ingredients you already have in your home, or inexpensive herbs and essential oils you can keep in your medicine cabinet, and they usually will give you immediate relief without having to go out to the pharmacy. Home remedies are less expensive than over the counter medicines. A bottle of RID lice treatment costs $15 to $20 on Amazon, but did you know you can treat head lice just as effectively (sometimes more effectively) with regular jar of mayo for just a couple of bucks? There are TONS of home remedies that are so much cheaper than commercial remedies. And obviously treating a cough from a common cold at home with lemon and honey is less expensive than visiting your doctor. Home remedies are safer. Home remedies that you make yourself can have way fewer chemicals and safer, non-toxic ingredients because YOU control what goes in to them. These are the main reasons why so many people have turned to home remedies for years to treat minor illnesses.

A quick disclaimer:

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I’m just somebody with an interest in finding home remedies that really work. Please ALWAYS make sure to consult your medical professional rather than rely on something you read on the internet. Do you research, keep your medical history and allergies in mind, and be aware of what you’re putting into your body. The articles you read on this blog are not meant to be medical advice and they are not meant to replace advice from your physician. It sounds like common sense but I just wanted to put it out there! 🙂 Questions? Comments? Use the contact form on the “contact” page to get in touch with me. I’ll respond as quickly as possible 🙂

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