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Health care is one of the top expenses for families in 2015. The rising cost of most medications can mean that treating even common health problems like cold and flu, allergies, and acne can put a strain on your monthly budget. I know how important it is to make every dollar count, so I started to look for real ways to save money on my family’s expenses. I found that I could save a lot of money by learning about home remedies that really work to treat some of the every day health problems we face. By making your own home remedies you can save hundreds of dollars a year on items like medicated acne face wash, cough syrup, and much more. On top of the savings, you can avoid many of the unpleasant side effects and unnecessary chemical fillers in commercial products when you make your own home remedies.

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Home Remedy

herbal home remedies A home remedy is a treatment for an ailment, injury, or disease that uses items you may find in your home, such as spices, fruits or vegetables, or common kitchen items. Common home remedies include remedies for insomnia, home remedies for constipation, treat acne at home, and remedies for the flu. Home remedies are convenient, effective, and inexpensive compared to the commercial medications. Most home remedies are less expensive and more effective at treating minor ailments as their drugstore counterpart.
Home remedies can be made from herbs in your own kitchen.

Home Remedy History

Home remedies used to be the only way for many families to treat medical issues as doctors were too expensive and medicine was hard to get It was very important to keep home remedy ingredients on hand since getting to town could take hours if not days. Home remedies were passed from generation to generation, throughout families and communities. These days it might be easy to run to the store for medicine for an upset stomach or a cough, but sometimes these commercially-made medicines have a lot of unnecessary chemicals and harsh side effects.

Why Use a Home Remedy?

Home remedies focus on wholesome, common ingredients.Home remedies focus on wholesome, common ingredients. Home remedies are often cheaper and work just as well as something you can buy from the store. They also have the benefit of being made by you, so you know exactly what ingredients are used. That means fewer commercial chemicals and fillers, you can use the quality of ingredients that you prefer (organic or vegan friendly if that’s your style), and you can more easily control the side effects you experience.

Home remedies are also often simple and easy to do, like using mayo to treat head lice or green tea to treat acne. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy anything at all! Home remedies for insomnia include cutting caffeine out of your diet, for instance. Also, home remedies are private. It might be kind of awkward buying laxatives at the store for some people, so a home remedy for constipation is a good solution in that case. One of my favorite reasons to use a home remedy is because they’re convenient. I don’t always have cough syrup in the house, but I almost always have honey and lemon. If you’re feeling really sick and you don’t have the energy to get to the store, a home remedy is a convenient solution.

Cold & Flu Remedies

Cold and flu home remedies focus on treating symptoms like runny nose, fever, muscle aches, cough, sore throat, and more. You can also read about which supplements really work to help prevent the common cold.

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Allergy Remedies

Achoo! Sneezing and sniffles and hives, oh my! Allergy home remedies treat your hay fever and more without the annoying side effects and expense of over-the-counter or prescription medication.

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Acne Remedies

Cystic acne to a simple pimples: there's a home remedy for every type of acne! Medicated scrubs and lotions cost a fortune! Did you know you can get the same results using ingredients like aspirin and honey?

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